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Balkan war commanders 1913

Bulgarian Royal Balkan Wars commemorative medal struck in 1913 and presented to a limited number of officials, Generals of the Army and Staff, as well as Commanders in Chief. The medal is in an unusual octagon / octagonal shape and is made of bronze. The center of the averse shows the bust of King Ferdinand I surrounded by his Army Commanders - Leutenant General Savov, as well as the remaining Generals - Fichev, Dimitriev, Ivanov, Kovachev, Todorov and Kutinchev with inscribed names underneath. The reverse center depicts two artillery soldiers with a canon all this surrounded by a wreath containing the names of the the captured Turkish, Greek and Serbian cities where major combat campaigns took place. The wreath also has a text - COMMEMORATING OCTOBER 5TH 1912. Signed by the manufacturer: Lauer - Nuernberg.

Пълководци От Балканската Война
Пълководци От Балканската ВойнаПълководци От Балканската ВойнаПълководци От Балканската ВойнаПълководци От Балканската Война
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